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If you’ve got thousands or even millions of subscribers or followers, it’s natural to want to use your popularity to boost your income. With social media playing an increasingly influential role in our day to day lives, and the popularity of platforms like YouTube and Instagram showing no signs of waning or fading, it’s interesting to look at the best youtuber merch examples and real-life case studies to see how YouTubers and influencers are capitalizing on their virtual fame to increase their earnings.

Selling merchandise as an influencer

You may have come across an article recently that shared the story of influencer, Arii, an 18-year old from Florida. Arii hit the headlines after uploading a very frank post, which revealed that she had been unable to sell 36 shirts, despite the fact that she has more than 2.6 million online followers.

Arii’s story is a stark reminder that success is by no means guaranteed when you have a huge online following, but it does raise important points. If you are an influencer or you have a YouTube channel, and you’re keen to hit the big time and become an online sensation, it’s crucial to make the right decisions.

You want to follow in the footsteps of the best youtuber merch sites for YouTubers and ensure the products you offer connect with your audience on every level. As a relative newbie, you can learn from high-profile YouTubers and use their stories of success, and also of failure, to shape the way you promote your brand.

Take a good look around and see what the people you follow are doing, and how they use their style and their USPs to interact with audiences and encourage them to buy their merchandise.

10 of the best YouTube merch shops

It’s easy to assume that YouTubers amass millions of dollars through advertising, but often, this isn’t the case. In recent years, selling merchandise has become an incredibly lucrative venture. If you’re looking to create a buzz around your brand or your name, here are 10 of the best YouTube merch shops:


Tees, socks, pants, and caps adorned with the iconic moustache logo championed by Markiplier are the perfect gift or novelty item for fans of the popular gamer.

Grace Helbig

Grace, who is known for her entertaining, witty YouTube clips, is offering her followers the chance to buy hoodies emblazoned with an upside down smiley face and the caption ‘I don’t know.’ Hoodies have universal appeal, and this one is bound to be different to those already in your collection.


This gamer’s store is a bright, vibrant homage to the instantly recognizable eye logo, which appears on everything from plush toys to hoodies.


A gamer from El Salvador with over 19 million subscribers, Fernanfloo offers a range of branded merch, most of which features his signature color, green.


In a saturated marketplace, you want to stand out, and this is exactly what the gamer behind VanossGaming has done. His merchandise is characterized by an owl, the avatar he created for himself.


Popular YouTuber Jake Paul is known for creating cool clothing, but he also pops up with the odd mask, which are particularly popular in the run-up to holidays like Halloween.

Rhett and Link

This store is designed to compliment and embody the sense of humor of the duo behind Good Mythical Morning. Think quirky printed t-shirts and grooming products that will stand out on any shelf.

Dude Perfect: linked with a channel dedicated to sports, this merch site has the feel of a retail store, which is guaranteed to appeal to sports fans and those who normally buy tees for the gym, as well as the urban catwalk.

Dan & Phil

Dan and Phil have established a reputation based on having fun and larking around, and their merch store is considered to be one of the best youtuber merch sites for a reason – it encapsulates everything that is good about them with a wide range of novelty items and gifts on offer.


Once one of the biggest channels on YouTube, Smosh has a vast range of merch on offer. From calendars to track pants, every fan will find something they want.

There are plenty of success stories out there when it comes to plugging merch and promoting social media profiles and channels. If you’re hoping to see your name up in lights and people wandering the streets in tees with your face or brand name on, it’s wise to learn from the best and use effective, tried and tested methods to create a solid merchandising strategy that will appeal to your subscribers and followers.

Although there are pitfalls, and success is never guaranteed, there are incredible opportunities for budding YouTubers and influencers looking to increase their income by selling branded merchandise.

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