October 3, 2023

3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement and Increase Your Merch Sales

So, you started a Spreadshop and uploaded some dope designs…. now what? 🤔

Unless you’re willing to promote and put your name out there, those designs are just going to sit in your shop gathering computer-generated dust! Here are some tips and tricks for boosting your social media engagement, which will translate to merch sales.

Post, Post, Post 💻

Does your Instagram tend to go untouched for days at a time? Keep in mind that Instagram’s algorithm favors pages and content with higher engagement! Take a good, hard look at what content has worked in the past – what has received the most likes? Engagement? Driven the most traffic to your shop? Do they like seeing your merch on models? You can check out Placeit to create design mockups, so you don’t have to order your own merch to get these custom, creative shots. Maybe you cater more to the fitness crowd: grab some shots of people lifting and running in your gear! Showing off what you’re selling in the places it is most likely to be used will not only engage your fans, but help build your brand up as a whole.

Ephemeral Content for the Win 🔥

Are you using Instagram Stories yet? And if not, what are you waiting for!?

Beyond regular posting within your feed, take advantage of Instagram Stories! Stories are a great place to alert your fans of:

  • new designs
  • sales
  • your fans wearing your merch

Talk to Your Fans! 📱

Another cool feature in Instagram stories is that  you can hold polls to gauge interest in different color schemes and merch options. Trying to decide between green and blue for your design? Ask your fans! Who better to help make that decision than the people that will be buying and wearing your merch?

You also can use question cards to ask if they have any ideas that they’d like to see on your merch. Then you’ll know you’re creating merchandise they’ll love.

Don’t just wait for your fans to come to you – interact with their posts, too! Did they take a cool picture or achieve something they’ve been working towards? Awesome! Let them know that you saw what they did and think it’s exciting. This will help build loyalty around your brand and your merch shop – they’ll know you really care about them.

Being accessible is important. Are your fans commenting a lot on your posts or sending you messages? Answer them! Hear what they have to say and learn from them. They could have some pretty cool ideas for your shop.

How will This Lead to Sales? 💰

Creating brand awareness and maintaining and growing your fanbase will translate to – you guessed it – sales! Loyalty is key and showing off your merch will get your fans excited to purchase the things you’ve worked so hard to design. Plus, the more they buy and the more you interact, the more likely they are to post pictures of your merch in the wild!

Keep designing, keep posting, and keep making those sales. You’re limitless with Spreadshop!

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