October 3, 2023

7 Powerful Teespring Alternatives

Teespring is a t-shirt fulfillment site that anybody is able to use to create unique designs and sell t-shirts. Users are able to utilize their tools and make t-shirt mockups, ensuring it looks as good as possible before selling the t-shirt using the site. Using Teespring shouldn’t be too complex, and users can even pay for designs if they like – lots of people do this with success. 

Ultimately, the Teespring platform is there to help you make money selling your own t-shirt designs while putting in very little effort. Teespring takes care of the creation and fulfillment for you, and the platform is free. Users are able to create and sell over 50 types of products with no upfront costs or risk, so it’s an attractive option for those just starting out. They handle printing, shipping, and customer service and you make a profit when your design sells. You can choose to use some of Teesprings own sales driving tools for a boost, but a portion of your profits may be deducted to pay for it – that is optional, though. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to this platform, you’ll find 7 options below. 

1. Spreadshop 

7 Teespring Alternatives  - Spreadshop

Spreadshop focuses mainly on merch sellers, be it YouTube creators, NGOs, or a private company. Whoever wants to sell merch wil find the best support possible with Spreadshop. 

This platform is a very convenient free shop system for anybody to create and sell merch. You simply upload your design, choose the products that you’d like to sell, and then allow Spreadshop to deal with payments, production, shipping, and fulfillment. There’s no direct cost to you, and the platform wants you to make the highest commissions possible. 

The difference here is that you will be selling using your own free shop, so it’s one of the most unique Teespring alternatives. If you don’t like the Teespring marketplace, then you could try this platform instead. 

2. Teemill 

7 Teespring Alternatives  - Teemill

Teemill’s aim is to help you to create a great looking website where you can sell well printed, comfortable t-shirts. Using the platform can take some time, but the results can be worth it. This is a real-time print-on-demand platform where you keep the profit you make from every sale. The stores are completely customisable, and the great thing is that nobody will know your site is powered by Teemill at all! The people who use this platform say that the products are high quality and the service is rapid.

When you pair those benefits with the fact that the platform is free and the products and packaging are made from natural materials, it becomes an attractive option for many. Teemill is unique in that they design each and every product to be sent back to them when it is worn out. They recover the materials, so the cycle is renewable. The products can be remade again and again! This is a great alternative to Teespring if you’re looking for something sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

3. Printful 

7 Teespring Alternatives  - Printful

Printful offers on-demand print and embroidery fulfillment and warehousing services. You can use this service to sell your designs online or print designs yourself with no order minimums. The designs will be printed and shipped on demand and all under your own brand name. Printful can integrate with ecommerce platforms and online marketplaces, plus websites or apps

However, there are some cons to using the platform. Some say information is misleading and that the products are low quality – and even that their customers have had to wait up to 5 weeks for their order. When this has been brought up with the team, people have reported poor customer service with no apologies. While this could be an option, it’s one of the lowest rated Teespring alternatives.

4. Spreadshirt 

Using the spreadshirt marketplace means selecting designs from the Spreadshirt community, paying the artists who created them, and also paying for the regular manufacturing and shipping costs involved when sending out merch. Using personalization means you can build your own products from scratch without having to know anything about design. User friendly tools are available for you to use so you can create something in just minutes, so you don’t even need your own design software. 

Using Spreadshirt to create and market your designs means you can do everything within the one platform while it does all of the background work for you – payment systems, fulfilment, shipping, and so on. You just need to focus on selling. You can integrate Spreadshirt with Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces. 

5. CreateMyTee 

7 Teespring Alternatives  - CreateMyTee

This platform allows you to choose from two design methods. You can create your own design like the other platforms, or opt for a completely free professional design. You just describe your design idea when making your order, and your design proof will be created within 1 business day.

CreateMyTee is a trustworthy platform with just 1 negative review out of hundreds on Trustpilot, so it’s one of the best rated Teespring alternatives. Utilizing CreateMyTee for your own personal or professional designs could be a lucrative choice. 

6. Bonfire 

7 Teespring Alternatives  - Bonfire

Bonfire describes itself as the easiest way to design, sell and order premium t-shirts. Essentially, though, Bonfire is a fundraising tool that can help you to promote your cause and mission. You can use the t-shirts you design to raise money for your cause when you get support online.

However, you will need to use the platform to set up a fundraising campaign. You need to be able to sell the minimum quantity of t-shirts required for printing, and they are then shipped out to the people who have ordered. The vendor then sends the profits to the organization. 

This is one of the best Teespring alternatives if you’re looking to raise money for a good cause. 

7. Redbubble 

7 Teespring Alternatives  - Redbubble

Redbubble is a global marketplace that allows users to upload their artwork and print it on a variety of products. Redbubble boasts of its social responsibility and sustainability, and 700,000 people use the site currently. The only issue seems to be that some artists’ work could be copyright infringements, but that is not the site’s fault.

Making sure your artwork does not have any copyright infringements is crucial if you wish to earn money from Redbubble. This platform is possibly one of the most well known Teespring alternatives out there, as many people trust the platform. 

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