June 3, 2023

A Guide To Eco Friendly Youtubers & Their Merch

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most important media outlets of our times. While it used to be a place or uploading little more than cat videos and lyrics videos made on Windows Movie Maker, the social media broadcasting channel now gives content creators an outlet to have their voices heard by a global audience of 1.8 billion.

Some content creators use it exclusively for fame while others spread the messages that they are passionate about. The realm of eco friendly Youtubers is one where this is more evident than ever.

Some Eco Friendly Youtuber Shop Examples

Back when traditional television started in the early 20th century, the BBC set out to “inform educate and entertain” and this manifesto is palpable among the best eco friendly influencers too.

They use their collective voice to raise awareness in an engaging fashion. However, many of them also use merchandise sales to gain further promotion and generate the funds needed to facilitate the growth of their channels and content creation.

Let’s take a look at five of the most significant eco friendly Youtubers along with how they are using merchandise to great effect.

1. Youtuber – ECO BOOST

Eco Friendly Youtuber Eco Boost

ECO BOOST is the channel of London-based zero waste advocate Kate Arnell. Having launched the channel in 2015, she now has over 46,000 subscribers and has accumulated over 2 million views across her videos.

The content produced is made with good production values, utilizing overlays and transitions, without detracting from the message of the brand. The informative videos educate the audience on key elements of living an organic lifestyle, with particular focus on zero waste.

Kate’s fun personality and use of subtle humor really shines through to get fans interested in what she has to say while videos tend to last around the 15-minute mark – long enough to provide substance without boring viewers.

Eco Friendly Youtuber Eco Boost review

Her focus on choosing organic options and eco friendly alternatives extends to eco friendly fashion. Her own merchandise, which is facilitated through Teemill, offers a range of t-shirts and tote bags that are manufactured and printed on certified organic materials.

The messages displayed on the products are in support of the eco friendly lifestyle too, which gives fans all the more reason to love them. The “serial refiller” design is particularly popular.

Eco Friendly Youtuber Eco Boost Shop

Kate wears her clothing without blatantly ramming it down the user’s throat while she is quick to promote other brands and celebrate the zero waste finds that she has discovered. This authenticity is undoubtedly one of the chief reasons that here videos (and merchandise) perform so well.

2. Youtuber – That Vegan Couple

Eco Friendly Youtuber That Vegan Couple

Given that they are closing in on 25 million video views since launching in 2014, the Vegan Couple are behind one of the most important eco friendly channels on all of YouTube. In addition to a verified content channel, they produce podcasts, eBooks, and attend talks relating to veganism and eco friendly living.

Varied content includes short and sharp two-minute videos to full recordings of their live talks. They often inject their personality and personal journey into videos, such as providing details about their relationship, to build an honest and strong connection with the audience. Given the strength of their channel, it’s a strategy that evidently works.

Great eco friendly products from That Vegan Couple

That Vegan Couple’s merchandise is especially popular, promoting a range of catchy and iconic slogans relating to the vegan lifestyle. They have collections for men, women, and kids while all items are produced and orders are fulfilled in an appropriate manner to reflect their eco friendly standpoint. Their array of products and color choices also underline the need for variety so that all customers can relate to the products.

Vegans and the eco friendly demographic are happy to proudly celebrate their lifestyle choices, and That Vegan Couple’s range of merchandise reflects it in a very transparent fashion.

3. Youtuber – Gittemary Johansen

Eco Friendly Youtuber Gittemary Johansen

The Gittemary Johansen account has now been running for over half a decade, accumulating over 3 million video views in that time. The zero waste vlogger provides everything from backstage videos at fashion events to details of her latest eco friendly bargain, and fashion tips such as Outfit of the Day posts.

Eco Friendly Makeup Reviews

As a health and beauty channel with an eco friendly twist, Gittemary Johansen focuses on providing practical advice that viewers can incorporate into their lives.

Meanwhile, the majority of video are short and concise, coming in at under 10 minutes in length. She also gives insight into zero waste and sustainable lifestyles, including the transition into the way of life as well as how to turn it into a career or side hustle.

Eco Friendly Youtuber on Etsy

Naturally, her merchandise is a significant part of the moneymaking process. Provided through Etsy, the zero waste and impact neutral merchandise includes handmade tote bags as well as linocut prints. There is a wide range of designs, with most carrying an eco friendly tone without necessarily promoting the lifestyle with explicit slogans or text. Therefore, the merchandise can be a particularly good option for new users that are transitioning into this life.

Content and merchandise are tailored for a youth audience by a creator that falls into the target demographic herself. No wonder the views and sales continue to grow.

4. Youtuber – Guildbrook Farm – Off Grid Living

Simple Sustainable Living Off Grid Living is a channel produced by Guildbrook Farm, a modern homestead located in the foothills of Appalachia, and has already hit eight figures since launching in 2016. 

The family post regular videos relating to organic living, building off grid renewable energy systems, food preservation and other key elements. Videos boast high production values including clear audio to provide accurate and honest insight from an authoritative voice. Their honesty is underlined by videos on why they went back on grid while Q&As and similar content show the commitment to building a community and interacting with their viewers.

Eco Friendly Youtuber Farm

Their merchandise sales are conducted through Spreadshirt. Rather than focusing specifically on the eco friendly elements, the shirt designs focus on the brand. It could be a brand that sits on the shelves of shopping centers. In this way, Guildbrook Farm has established a genuine fashion label rather than simply monetizing their product without any thought behind the idea.

In addition tot the traditional merchandise, they sell original artworks created by Jaime. As a farm that boasts a successful channel, it doesn’t rely on the commercial merchandise sales. However, the partnership with Spreadshirt produces them in style.

5. Youtuber – Sarah Types

Sarah Types is an eco friendly Youtuber that produces videos and vlogs such as art tutorials, tips on online selling, and a host of other useful topics. While they all have an eco friendly undertone, they are not specifically on this way of life. In truth, this works exceptionally well as the eco friendly activities are something that should be incorporated into lifestyles.

With well over one million views across her videos, Sarah Types boasts over 14,000 subscribers that regularly return for the well shot and edited content. The videos are particularly useful for individuals still in the transitional phase that want to become zero waste without overhauling every aspect of their lives.

Eco Friendly Youtuber on Teespring

Sarah Types sells a very popular tote bag that displays a slogan Lady Luck. The hand lettered bag reflects the focus on simplicity as well as the concept of enjoying quality products that are zero waste rather than prioritizing the zero waste properties to the determent of the designs and general quality of goods. Those sentiments are something that her viewers can incorporate into other aspects of their lives.

It also shows that releasing hundreds of items isn’t necessary. Sometimes, one or two great products will outperform a catalogue that has suffered from diluted quality.

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