November 28, 2023

Custom hats are the perfect addition to your merch line

If you want to print your own merchandise garments, hats are always a great option. People love hats that they can wear anywhere and everywhere, and it’s easy to print them with your choice of logo, slogan or image.

The Flexfit YP Classics Premium Snapback Cap offers a great option not just for anyone looking for a cap to wear but for people who want to start selling their own customized hats too. This quality cap is an excellent choice for your merchandise, but what pros and cons does it have, and how does it differ from other hats?


The first thing you might want to know about is the shape and overall profile of the cap. The structure is made up of a number of different panels to create a create a classic snapback style. When it comes to the brim of the hat, this one is best for people who prefer a slightly squared off profile. It’s not as round as some other options that you might consider, but for many people that’s a positive thing. Overall, this is a classic-looking hat with a typical snapback shape.


When it comes to material, this hat is made from acrylic and wool, apart from the white colorway which is acrylic and the camo colorway which is polyester and cotton. This difference in material might be a bit annoying for some because it makes it harder to maintain consistent quality. However, it’s only two colors that have different material makeups so it’s not a huge deal. The combination of natural and man-made fibers create comfort and quality. These caps are durable and are sure to last a long time, plus they can stand up to being printed or to embroidery so that they can be customized.


This cap offers a comfortable fit, and it’s an especially good choice for those with larger hat sizes. One reviewer says that the cap is “perfect for larger skulls”. Of course, as a snapback, you can adjust the sizing to suit your requirements, allowing you to offer caps to a range of customers. The structured design means that it keeps its shape on anyone’s head.


Having a great choice of colors is important if you want to be able to customize and sell clothing items. This classic cap comes in a range of different colors, including primary and neutral shades. Some of the colorways have a different color underneath the brim of the cap, which is a fun feature for anyone who wants some extra color. It won’t be visible when wearing the cap most of the time.

If you’re ready to start selling customized hats, creating your own Spreadshop is a simple way to get started. Go to to set up your free store and begin selling your own custom caps. The Flexfit YP Classics Premium Snapback Cap is available there to customize.

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