October 3, 2023

Don’t Be Anonymous. Build Your Own Identity.

Who are you?

It sounds like a weird and slightly existential question, but really, who? When you are creating a brand, you need to take a hard look at how you want to portray yourself online! There are a few elements of this, including:

👉 brand identity

👉 voice

👉 look

👉 feel

Sound like a lot to consider? We’ve got solutions to make it easy peasy, lemon squeezy – just for you. See the deets below.

Clear Brand Identity

Your brand is going to show who you are to your audience. This needs to include a clear purpose and positioning, a brand name, and a consistent tone and voice. Take a look at what you’re promoting and go from there – are you a personal trainer? You will want to promote your training options and have an inspirational tone (think David Goggins except… maybe nicer?). Are you a baker? Consider a sweet twist to your branding, with promotion of your various cupcake and pie concoctions (sugar, spice, and everything nice, ya hear?).

The Look

Beyond a clear voice and tone, it’s important to visually encourage your audience with your brand. For the personal trainer example, create a logo that includes some aspect of fitness – maybe a tennis shoe or kettlebell. For a baker, maybe a cupcake or piped lettering would suit your logo best. Be sure to choose colors that reflect you well – darker colors may make more sense for the trainer example, where as pastels would be more appropriate for the baker! A cool and free website that can help you identify your brand palette is coolors.co.

Consistency Across the Board

Once you have established your voice and visual identity, make it consistent. Do you have a website? Redesign it to mirror what you’ve created as your brand. Do the same for your business page on Facebook, your Instagram and Twitter, and even your Spreadshop store and merch! 😉

Yeah, you heard us – you can can modify your storefront on Spreadshop to match your brand! The customization settings are quick and easy, making the transition very user friendly. We’ve always got your back!

Spreadshop.com is a great place to start your selling custom merch for free.

So what are you waiting for?! Create a unified front for your brand that will help attract more fans and sell more workout plans, cupcakes, and merch – the world is yours 🌎

Learn more about selling merch:

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