October 3, 2023

Gen Z: The Generation with an 8-Second Attention Span and How to Get Your Merch to Capture It

With each generation comes different challenges regarding how to capture attention, and then how to maintain it. Gen Z may be the hardest feat yet – they value quality content (sure, we’re in!), and their attention span lasts approximately…8 seconds 🤔 Gen Z, composed of people born no earlier than 1996, only gives you 8 whopping seconds to show them just how valuable your merch is.  

With that barrier, you’re probably wondering…what are the best ways to reach Gen Z? But never fear, Spreadshop is here and we’ve broken it down for you on the blog this week!

Relationships? More like influencer-ships!

You want to reach Gen Z? Play off of pop culture. Connect with other influencers and micro-influencers to wear your merch and help promote your shop. Millennials determine their buying habits from influencers – they want authentic information that promotes clear support of your brand. Real people using your brand and expressing why they love it in their everyday lives is a surefire way to attract Gen Z.

A Brand Bigger Than Itself!

This is a trait that is similar to Millenials – Gen Z is highly conscious of social responsibility. They hold brands to a high standard and tend to buy things that have a hand in causes they care about. To them, the purchase is only a portion of what they care about – they also pay attention to what the brand stands for. It’s an added bonus when a cause they’re passionate about aligns with your brand.

A strong emphasis on social responsibility in your brand will not only capture Gen Z’s attention but will transform them into a loyal customer. Social ethos = a committed Gen Z audience. A way to differentiate yourself in this capacity would be to donate a small portion of your merch profits to a relevant cause. This would capture the attention of Generation Z AND it would add depth and meaning to your brand.

Gen Z is the Social Generation

As the first generation to grow up in a world that is primarily driven by technology and the internet, Gen Z is attracted to social experiences. The best way to stay on top of this? Stay on top of major digital trends and keep your social media strategy up to date and relevant. Maintain a regular presence online, marketing not only your brand but what your brand is doing for the world.

Gen Z cares about a wide variety of things – from pop culture (and memes, lots and lots of memes), to making the world a better place, to sharing their daily lives with all of those watching. Echoing that with your brand will attract them to your shop and ultimately sustain them as loyal buyers. Once you’ve attracted a few, more will follow – because you can bet they will be sharing about their experience with your shop on their own social media

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