October 3, 2023

How to test t-shirt quality

Spreadshop offers a variety of high-quality products to fuel your merch shops. When uploading designs to your shop, you actually get to pick and choose the products you want to sell. It is important that the integrity of your brand is backed not just by your passion, but with high-quality merch that will suit your buyer’s lifestyles. That’s why we have over 100 customizable products to choose from – the limit (barely) exists!

How to choose what merch to sell in your shop

For each design you create, you should think about the actual product that you want to see that design on. Is it a t-shirt, a hoodie? Or are you thinking beanies or mugs? Our products aren’t limited to t-shirts, because your merch should encompass the wants of any consumer.

When you dive in and start choosing products for your shop, identify your customer in your mind. Are they video game fanatics? Hoodies it is! Hoodies are perfect for the gamers and aspiring Twitch streamers out there. Are they foodies? Bring out the aprons! Are they moms on the go? Toss a to-go mug in there! When the products match their passion or lifestyle, your customer is more likely to follow through with their purchase.

Product quality, guaranteed

Once you’ve uploaded your designs and picked your products, you’re probably wondering how the end result will turn out. But don’t worry – we have our ways 😏

One of those ways is… our Digital Direct printing method! And to say we are obsessed is an understatement. The quality is created with a computer-controlled printing method that applies full color onto every product and can adapt to ANY file type. No matter how wild your design, Digital Direct will make it look just as amazing on your merch as it is on your computer screen.

Our Thermo Sublimation technique is how we print onto hard accessories. Think phone cases, mugs, and water bottles. The design is printed on a special foil and then transferred to the product using thermal evaporation – cool, right?

We use Laser Transfer for softer accessories, like bags and caps. It’s another foil printing process, but this method uses heat! Finally, we use FLEX printing, which can only be used with vector files. You have a limit of three colors when using FLEX, but the results are beyond stunning.

Let your customers know that your merch is just… better!

Now that you’ve had an insider look on the quality of our printing processes and products, share that knowledge with your customers! They’ll love hearing how their go-to merch was made and will be even more willing to recommend your shop to their friends and followers.  Talk about the quality on your social media, in your shop description, and and when you’re with other people who share your passions, too!

At Spreadshop, we make quality our top priority so you have one less thing to worry about. We don’t want to just deliver products – we want to deliver them the right way.

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