October 3, 2023

How to use Big Cartel for your custom merch

Big Cartel is an online shopping platform that you can use to set up your own ecommerce store. With designers `and creators firmly in mind, it does provide a wide range of useful features.

You can track your inventory and dabble in SEO as well as completely customize the code of your site. It also connects directly to Facebook so you can sell from this network if it suits you.

Steps For Launching A Product On Big Cartel

The first step is the signup. This just requires you to provide a password and username while choosing a domain. You’ll then be directed to your storefront and an easy to operate interface. This is designed to be as simple as possible.

When you want to add a product, you can choose the price, categories and shipping. You also get options to ensure that you give your users a chance to customize a product that they are purchasing.

You also need to choose a title and description. This is part of optimizing a product and ensuring that it does appear in searches of target consumers.

After this, you need to add images. High-quality images are recommended to ensure that a product is not overlooked because it looks unprofessional. You need to optimize images too and a great tip is to make sure that you are showing them in use.

You can also choose a theme for your store. There are countless themes to choose from so it’s important to find one that matches your brand beautifully and sends the right message about your business.

Pricing Options for Big Cartel

There are a variety of different pricing options that you can gain access including:

  • Free Basic Gold Package – Completely free of charge, Big Cartel do provide a package that allows you to sell 5 products. You get 1 image for each product, basic customization with no discount functionality and basic stats.
  • Platinum – This provides 5 images for each product as well as theme customization. You can gain real-time stats as well as bulk editing and shipment tracking. You also gain the option to set up discounts and run promos as well. This option allows you to sell 25 products for $9.99 per month with no listing fees. 
  • Diamond – You get even more features with this plan and for $19.99 a month the option to sell 100 products. This includes theme code editing, Google analytics as well as everything included in Platinum
  • Titanium – For $29.99 a month, you can sell 300 products with five images for each item. You get all the features of the other plans as well as the use of a custom domain. 

Products You Can Sell on Big Cartel

Big Cartel has been designed with creators in mind. As such, you can sell a wide range of different products that you have created yourself. This could include custom shoes, art prints, t-shirts or any other item of clothing, ceramics, stickers and much more. It’s a completely flexible solution that also enables you to set your product categories and ensure that your site is easy to navigate.

It’s even possible to sell digital products through Big Cartel. However, this does come with additional costs and complications.

We hope this helps you decide whether Big Cartel could be the right platform to sell your products. Do you already use Big Cartel? Share your thoughts with us!

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