October 3, 2023

Increase Shop Sales With These 4 Fast Fixes

You can increase shop sales and improve your e-commerce shop all at the same time! Here are 4 fast fixes to put into place today.

1. Level up your Copywriting

It’s not only important for your copywriting to be clear and get the message across but also it should help connect with your audience in some way. When you’re typing words on a screen it may sound great in your own mind, or even when you’re reading for review, but be sure to use an editor or grammar checker. We recommend starting with the Hemingway Editor which is free.

Sometimes too much text can be overwhelming too, so try to break up your paragraphs and sentences and not overwhelm customers with too much. The true art of copy is getting all of the key information across without feeling or reading “boring”. If you need more help check out our Build Your Own Brand articles.

2. Above the Fold

Keep key info above the fold to Increase Shop Sales

The term “above the fold” comes from the newspaper industry, where as you probably guessed it, you want to be sure the most important information is seen first.

This is no different in web design, even though we don’t say “above the scroll.” (maybe we should?) Keep as much key information above the fold and on the first screen as possible. This would include for example things like your brand new products, sales promotions, or other top news about your brand.

3. Increase Shop Sales by Speeding up your site

Page load speeds can be a crucial part of your shop’s conversion rates. Experts agree that two second load times are the threshold for the best e-commerce sites. To help achieve this, check the following:

  • Limit graphic photo size (around 300kb or lower is best)
  • Limit video backgrounds or unnecessary giant files from loading. It may look cool, but at what cost?
  • Consider launching on a Print on Demand platform.
  • Check your webhost. Use dedicated hosting or VPN or VPS when you can. Some “shared hosting” sites will throttle your bandwidth, or worse if another site on your shared hosting server gets busy it could slow down your sites too. We recommend Dreamhost (here’s a $50 off coupon we found) :
Dreamhost Coupon

4. Guest Checkouts Increase Shop Sales

Last but not least, and actually our biggest tip today to increase shop sales is… Guest Checkouts!!!

A whopping 69% of checkouts are abandoned. Let’s think about this…. that means for every 100 customers who start the checkout process, 69 don’t finish! That’s really unacceptable and not a good way to increase shop sales. The good news is you can work toward fixing this with guest checkouts.

Increase Shop Sales with Guest Checkouts
top reasons for cart abandonment (source)

About 23% of cart abandonment comes from forcing customers to create an account. By allowing guest checkouts you should instantly see a rise in checkout completions and increase shop sales.

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