October 3, 2023

Is All Over Print a Fashion Fad?

Hopping on the trend bandwagon is one thing, but losing your creative eye and following the crowd for no good reason is another. Everyone is aware of fluctuating trends in the fashion industry, but how many of them do you actually like? It seems that too many influencers are opting to produce, have or endorse ‘all over print’ designs just because it is a current fad. Can you ever imagine bell bottom jeans, pedal pushers or neon leg warmers making a comeback anytime soon? The answer is, no. And clearly they wouldn’t be your top sellers.

It’s Just a Fad

Fans and followers of influencers don’t actually see all over prints as a wearable fashion piece, which is why sales are struggling. Nobody actually wants to wear these garish, niche items of clothing, so why are they still being produced and advertised like no other? Look around. When you walk down the street on a normal Saturday afternoon, the chances of seeing someone in a faddy all over print t-shirt is slim. However, if you were to open up your Instagram app, your feed would be swarming with the outlandish and unrelatable designs.
Ask yourself, have you ever bought an all over print shirt or design? Even if you own one or two, would this become a regular staple in your wardrobe?

More About All Over Print

This is a special term used to describe an item of clothing that has a design all over the garment. This means that every millimeter of the clothing piece is covered including seams, hoods, cuffs and zippers. Looking for these characteristics will be able to tell you whether the garment is all over print or not. This type of printing is generally used when the design has a sense of continuity. Some consider it eye catching and bold, others consider it to be downright in your face. Repetitive patterns such as stripes and polka dots can be used without the all over printing technique, so that you don’t run into the usual problems. When the print doesn’t match or align it can cause unsightly end products that nobody will want to buy

Why Are People Buying into the All Over Print Fad?

Designers are seeing all over printing as an ideal option because it allows them to express their own unique creativity. With all over printing, the limit does not exist and the possibilities are endless. With this being said, it is almost a hindrance that there is no cap on what you can do with all over printing because it can turn into one big mess on a t-shirt. It is a trend or fad that some people are choosing to get on board with, but it certainly isn’t one that is going to stick around for the long haul. The topic itself shouldn’t be a deal breaker and starting to sell your own merch, and clearly this would not be an item for beginners.

Keep it Real

All in all, influencers and entrepreneurs need to realize that faddy fashion isn’t going to sell or improve their reputation in any way. What is important is reliability and accessibility, so that their followers can actually connect with the products they are advertising. So next time you’re thinking of splashing an all over print design onto your social media feed or website, think twice about whether people are actually going to appreciate it and buy it.

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