June 3, 2023

It’s All in a Day’s Work: What the Average Spreadshop Owner’s Day Looks Like

It’s All in a Day’s Work: What the Average Shop Owners Day Looks Like

Pretty much all of our days start the same way – with an alarm going off, telling us that it’s time to get out of bed and show up for our commitments.

But what DID you commit to? Work projects? Babysitting? Drinks with friends? A dinner with your significant other’s parents?

Where does your passion fit into the mix?

Seriously – one of your commitments should be focused around your passions. Why? Because you deserve to spend time doing what makes you happy. Actually, per the New York Times article titled “Why Following Your Passions Is Good For You (And How To Get Started), they announce that “a 2015 study published in The Annals of Behavioral Medicine found that pursuing your passion both lowers stress and contributes to greater happiness over all.” Now that’s concrete evidence if we ever did see some 😉

You may be wondering how to fit your passions into your daily routine, or how you’re going to fit another pro-bono commitment into your life. Well, don’t worry, because Spreadshop is here to rescue you! Opening a free merch shop on our platform is entirely free and allows you to make money off of selling merch! Opening your shop will allow you to spend time doing what you love and making money from it. All you have to do is come up with some designs, upload them to your shop and start selling to likeminded people!  

It isn’t hard to open a shop, but it does require care, attention, and growth to fuel your success! Here are a few ideas for staying on top of your side hustle with all the other things happening in your life 😎

In the Morning

We often find that working on our passion project is best done in the morning. It’s when you’re at your freshest and most rested – the weight of the day hasn’t hit you yet so you can take this time to do what you love. This allows for complete focus and tons of creativity! Plus, who wouldn’t want to sit on the couch and create a few new designs with their morning coffee?

In the Afternoon

If you don’t have an opportunity in the morning for Spreadshop maintenance, why not at lunch?! As you eat lunch, take the opportunity to connect with your fans online and post about the new designs you’ve been cooking up. More likely than not, your followers will be online around that time too – what a great opportunity to chat with them and hype your brand up!

At Night

When all else fails, hitting the grind in the evening isn’t bad at all. Head to a coffee shop or sit at your kitchen table to layout your new design concepts and say hi to your fans. Upload a new Youtube video, stream your gaming session, or post a teaser about the new song you’re releasing at the end of the month. These kinds of posts will raise the energy levels around your brand and get your fans hyped up for what’s to come.

No matter how you cut it, you need to spend time on your Spreadshop regularly. Find a time that works with the rhythm of your day and keep it consistent! Your fans, your shop, and your wallet will thank you in the long run 😉

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