November 28, 2023

What is Tri-Blend Fabric?

If you want to produce your own merchandise, it makes sense to focus on clothing such as t-shirts to begin with. Many influencers and entrepreneurs do this, but one thing you’ll need to decide is which fabric you’ll want to use for those t-shirts.

Tri-blend is one of those options and it can be a good one for many e-commerce strategies. Here’s what you need to know about tri-blend t-shirts and what makes them unique.

What is Tri-Blend Fabric?

As the name might already have suggested to you, tri-blend fabrics are created by mixing together three different types of fabrics – 50% polyester, 25% cotton and 25% rayon.

The purpose of doing this is that it makes the clothing item that’s created softer than would otherwise be possible using regular cotton alone. They’re also a little more stretchy.

What is Tri-Blend Best For?

As mentioned above, tri-blend t-shirts tend to be more comfortable and cosy to wear. And they have more stretch to them, allowing people to achieve a tighter fit without sacrificing comfort if that’s what they’re looking for from a t-shirt.

At the same time, they also work really well as looser fitting t-shirts. It’s this flexibility and the variety of options open to the wearer that makes them stand out from the other options out there. They, of course, look different and have more of a grainy color to them.

Printing on Tri-Blend Shirts

Many people looking to make merchandise using tri-blend t-shirts will be interested to learn about the process of printing on these kinds of t-shirts. The nice thing about it is that the color of the t-shirt can be seen through the printing slightly, offering a retro shirt aesthetic.

Of course, this is all subjective but many people feel the overall look of printing on tri-blend t-shirts looks better than on regular 100% cotton t-shirts, but that’s something you can look into and decide for yourself. It’s perfectly possible to print on both though.

How 100% Cotton Differs from Tri-Blend?

100% cotton t-shirts are certainly not as soft and not as stretchy as tri-blend t-shirts and they have their own distinctive look. They come with their own pros and cons, but overall they’re seen as a little less comfortable to wear by many people and, as we mentioned above, the outcomes from the printing process are a little different.

Tri-blend fabrics tend to be easier to wash than the alternatives as well, and they offer the same kind of breathability that we might typically associate with cotton fabrics over polyester alternatives.

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with every type of fabric. Tri-blend fabric t-shirts can be loose fitting and comfortable, and when you print a logo or design on them, a nice retro aesthetic can be achieved. Therefore, it’s certainly a fabric option worth considering for your merchandise.

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