June 3, 2023

Make Your Online Apparel Shop R.A.D.!

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(Real, Authentic, Devoted)

Some of the most successful shops follow the R.A.D. concept. Simply put it’s about three key points, being real, authentic, and devoted. It’s the most crucial to follow these steps when you’re first launching your shop. R.A.D. allows you to create a more sustainable online shop by aligning with your core passion.

Be Real:
Whether your passion is comic books or sports, what’s important is to be real. Don’t hold back what you love about those passions and don’t be fake. Choosing topics that you have a real interest in rather than what’s popular will make selling online a more enjoyable experience for you and your customers.

Be Authentic:
Being authentic is something that should occur naturally. Have you ever had a friend or family member begin a sales job and immediately start trying to sell you something? This can come across as forced, robotic, and insincere. This normally occurs when someone pursues strictly profit, and a fissure occurs between their passions and personality. Being authentic is about honesty, which is easily discernible by your audience. True authenticity inspires, excites, and makes people want to be included. Your audience will want to buy what you sell because it’s obvious that you care as much as they do.

Be Devoted:
Your shop is like a flower in the way that it takes a little love and time to grow into something beautiful. Some of the easiest ways to build your audience is by spending time leveraging promotions and advertising your shop through social media. Engaging in conversations with your customers, asking and answering questions, and creating polls are also essential to staying connected with your customers. To stay relevant, consider launching new designs that are relative to your current content or season.

These strategies work best when they are implemented in conjunction because they rely on each other to be successful. The time and energy you put into your shop will create lifetime customers and increase your fan base, and being R.A.D. ensures long term sustainability.   

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