November 28, 2023

Meet SPOD – Shopify’s Fastest Print-on-Demand App

Meet SPOD. This Shopify app is young but powerful. Backed by Print-on-Demand web giant Spreadshirt, SPOD brings 16 years of printing expertise to the Shopify universe.

Now for a quick look into what all the buzz is about.

So what exactly is SPOD?

SPOD is a Shopify Print-on-Demand app that allows the merchant to create apparel and other accessories. They can upload their own designs or choose from SPOD’s free library of over 50,000 designs. Then the order is processed through a “white label” method. Sounds mysterious, eh? White label means that SPOD remains completely behind-the-scenes, allowing the merchant to take center stage. Although SPOD takes care of production and shipping, the customer is none the wiser. All SPOD’s packaging is brandless.

This is a god-send for merchants because:

  • No need to stock or store products
  • No need to do test runs of products
  • No need to handle the production or shipping
  • Leaves more time to focus on marketing and website building
  • Merchant can create a website with no reference to SPOD
  • Can be run from your sofa or a beach in Fiji

The Shopify merchant can create an apparel or accessories store which gives the impression that they produce and ship the goods—without any of the work.

What makes SPOD special?

SPOD is gaining traction in the Shopify Print-on-Demand app world. Some reasons why merchants are choosing SPOD:

  • 48 Hour Production Times

99% of SPOD orders ship out of the production facility in 48 hours or less. In fact, 52% of orders are skipping out the door in 24 hours or less. This is something unheard of in the Shopify Print-on-Demand app world.

Other providers on the market take up to 7 days to complete an order. In this age of instant gratification, customers don’t like to wait. If they’re waiting 7 days plus shipping time, they are not likely to order again.

So how does SPOD do it? They have an east-coast and west-coast facility, and they ship the order from whichever facility is nearest the customer to cut down on turnaround time.

  • Unbeatable Quality

SPOD’s quality is the best in the industry. The return rate speaks for itself: less than 1%. Low return rates build trust. Merchants can focus more on marketing and running their store and leave product production and delivery in SPOD’s capable hands.

  • User Friendly App

Initial reviews of the SPOD app applauded its smooth and easy product creation process. Merchants who’ve been in the Shopify Print-on-Demand industry for years have welcomed its smooth and straightforward interface. The app is quickly becoming the easiest-to-use choice for Shopify merchants.

  • Create Your Own Tool

Now this is something the Shopify world hasn’t seen before. SPOD has launched a customization tool bursting with exciting features that allow the merchant to stay ahead of the competition. Customers can add custom text, photos, or designs to products, tweak the merchant’s designs, or use merchant-made templates.

  • 50K Free Designs (and counting!)

No need to be a design whizz to start selling merch with SPOD. For people just starting out in Print-on-Demand, SPOD’s free library of over 50K designs is a great place to start. The huge range of design themes gives a jump-start to anyone who doesn’t have the time or skill to create their own designs.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

As they’re backed by Spreadshirt, SPOD gives merchants access to an international, professional, and experienced customer service team. In case of any issues with an order or if the merchant has a question, they have real humans to work it out with.

SPOD is taking the Shopify Print-on-Demand app world of custom printing by storm. Ready to jump in? Create a successful White Label store by running your orders through SPOD.

Sign up today with the link below:

 If you have any questions about SPOD, feel free to reach out to us at

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