June 3, 2023

Microinfluencers, Why Aren’t You Leveraging Your Following?!

You spent all this time building up your social following beyond dear old mom and dad, and now it’s time to uuuuse it! Seriously.

So you don’t have as big of a following as a Kardashian – so what? That means that the people  who have been engaging with your content – liking your posts, commenting on your blogs, answering  your  Instagram story polls – are actually there for you! They’re clinging on waiting for  your next post, so why aren’t you sending them to your merch?
Are you scared? ​Don’t be. 
You may not even realize it, but if you have a smaller following of like-minded people, you’re an influencer, too. You’re what we like to call in today’s day and age, a “microinfluencer.” 

What in the heck is a microinfluencer? ​🤷 

We  know  you  may  be  wondering  what  that  is  and  how  you  could  be  considered  one.  Well,  a  microinfluencer is someone with a decent following and an account that focuses on a particular niche  or  passion  such as fashion lovers, Freddie Mercury stans, fitness accounts, major techies,  and everything in between.
What sets these influencers apart from big name celebrities is the fact that microinfluencers are  people who have built their following off of being relatable. Followers crave their next post because they know it’s going to be something that pertains to their interests.
Blogger  Sidney  Pierucci  said,  “because  they  are  personally  invested  in  their  crafts,  microinfluencers are trusted sources of recommendations for followers.” 
And that’s how we know you’re one. 

You served ‘em. Now sell ‘em! 
You know your followers. You know what posts they engage with the most, and in some cases,  they probably tell you exactly what kind of content they expect from you – and you deliver!

If you’re a foodie, local followers look to you to provide them with the latest spots to grab colorful breakfast  plates.  If  you’re  a  fitness  guru,  they’re  asking  you  to  fact  check  the  latest  diet  fad.  Fashionistas – you know they’re checking your page before they fill up their online shopping cart.

You serve their needs constantly. Because they trust your insight, asking them to buy your merch should  come  naturally.  You’ve  never  steered them wrong before, so why would you start now?  As long as you stay true to your authentic self, narrowing in on your followers is a great way to make  money  and  create  a  new  loyal  customer  base.  They  may  even  give  you suggestions on  what product to make next!

Engage your followers. Make money off of your merch. It’s that simple.

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