October 3, 2023

PickleCon is a Conference for Creative Entrepreneurs

Graphic Design outsource powerhouse, Design Pickle, holds it’s annual conference for Creative Entrepreneurs May 22-24 in Scottsdale, AZ. Billed as a gathering for Entrepreneurs of all levels from Graphic Designers, Agencies to Founders and CEOs.

The conference will focus on ways to automate and scale your businesses, whether you are large corporation or sidehustle run from your kitchen table.

The three day agenda is packed with keynotes, 20+ speaker sessions, and 6 hands-on workshops to help you grow in your journey as an entrepreneur.

PICKLECON will require work. This isn’t a sit back and scroll Instagram type of event. You will be challenged. You will laugh. Some will cry.

Get your tickets for the gathering at their website. Are you attending Pickle Con? Would you like to cover the show for us in exchange for some cool merch or gift cards? Drop us a line and let us know via email or in the comments below

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