November 28, 2023
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SPOD Upgrades Their Customization Tool

SPOD Upgrades Their Customization Tool

This week, SPOD released the second iteration of our Shopify Create Your Own customization tool. And it just received a major upgrade.

You can now:

  • upload designs for your customers to use
  • disable SPOD’s 50k free design library
  • disable adult designs in the free design library
  • disable customer design upload
  • delete previously uploaded designs

These were all features that you asked for, and we heard you! Our software engineers have been hard at work to make this upgrade happen. Initial feedback from our users has been extremely positive. If you have features to request or feedback to provide, we are always happy to be in touch.

Why is this important? Product personalization is an ever-growing trend and 2019 is seeing a surge of customers wanting personalized goods. Customization allows the customer to give a personal touch to their product. Allowing your customer to create their own product or customize an existing product allows them to engage with your brand on a whole new level. SPOD’s Print-on-Demand customized product creator makes it possible.


Templates allow the customer to preview their customization options. When your customer selects a product, the Create Your Own Tool opens. Then the customer can choose the size, color and font for their customization. You can create templates and offer them alongside normal products.

See examples in our sample shop.

Check out this how-to guide to learn how to create samples.

The Create Your Own Tool:

The Create Your Own Tool is a specified page that can be enabled in your settings. This page in your Shopify shop allows customers to create completely custom products. You can adjust the settings in our SPOD app to all that is mentioned at the top.

Enabling SPOD’s 50,000 free design library allows you to offer a massive range of designs for your customer to use and create products with—completely free. If you don’t want a certain design to be displayed, simply switch them off in the settings!

Publishing your owns designs allows the customer to select your design and decide which product it will be printed on. SPOD has over 80 products. Take care not to clutter your shop by publishing every design on every product. To avoid this, you could add a text in your product description along the lines of: “Love the design but want to see it on a different product? This design is also available in our Create Your Own Tool. Just select the design and browse through over 80 different products!.”

Take your Shopify store to the next level with customizable products. Try SPOD, our Shopify Print-on-Demand app, today! Get started today and explore Shopify’s most powerful custom product creator.

As always, custom products are shipped out in 48 hours or less. So kick back, relax, and let SPOD take care of all your orders!

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