November 28, 2023

Stay At Home Moms: Sell Merch and More

Stay at home moms are coming back to work in force, and it’s all thanks to the internet. While the early days of the world wide web might have been full of dubious “make money from home” offers, that’s all changed as remote working, freelancing, and online business become a lot more common. Here are just a few of the real opportunities that stay at home moms can do to start making money at home today.

Become a mommy blogger

There are a lot of different ways to monetize a blog but all of them offer an opportunity to make money writing about what you love. Mommy bloggers regularly sell other services, some of which we’ll list below, sell eBooks, or join affiliate marketing networks, writing content with and for brands that are most relevant to their audience. One of the biggest money makers for stay at home mom bloggers is selling custom merch based on the content and topics from your blog. You can start with a free blogging service like or WordPress and start writing today.

Do some freelance writing

If you have a talent for writing, you can sell that, too. Freelance copywriters can take on all sorts of gigs, from writing press releases to content marketing, to writing product and video descriptions. There’s even a side industry for freelance writers who create academic study or essay guides, so if you have a degree, you can make good use of it. Write what you know! A great place to find others offering these gigs and where you can offer your own servives is Fiverr.

Transcribe audio to text

If you got a good ear and fast fingers, then there’s a big industry of transcriptionists out there that could be looking to hire you. Essentially, working with a transcription company is all about using their software to listen to audio files, writing down what you hear as best as possible. It’s simple, but demanding work, and it pays well. This is also a great gig you could offer on Fiverr.

Sell your own designs

Got a creative design talent that you’ve never found the opportunity to capitalize on beyond local sales? Sites like are making it easier for creatives to get their own products on the market. Take your designs and create your own online store for free and you can also sell those designs in the Spreadshirt global marketplace right from one dashboard.

Teach what you know

Online teaching and tutoring are fast becoming much more convenient alternatives to doing everything in person. Create your own video courses for others to download on education platforms or start webcam tutoring sessions, helping individuals navigate all kinds of subjects. It’s not only your education but also the industry experience that you have under your belt that online students can benefit from. We recommend signing up with to teach what you know.

You definitely have a skill that’s worth sharing. And while you’re there at Skillshare, you may even learn a new side skill that you can easily turn into a source of revenue.

Virtually assist anyone across the world

Virtual assistants perform all kinds of duties for the businesses and individuals they work with. From admin work and schedule management to answering phones, to even things like social media management, writing, and researching. If you’re a productive sort of person who likes a day full of diverse tasks to handle, then a virtual assistant gig might just be the thing for you. There are many services out there, but we recommend checking out and

If you’re willing to put the time in, you can make a real living, not just a side hustle, at home. There are online jobs, business models, and freelance gigs to suit a wide range of different skill sets, so even if you don’t see the perfect place for you above, you won’t have too much difficulty finding it.

Are you a stay at home mom with suggestions for other moms who might be looking for a change? Post your suggestions in the comments below!

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