June 3, 2023
Top 2019 Custom Merch Articles

The Best Print On Demand Articles of 2019

We’ve reached the end of our first year here at the Sell Merch blog. We have covered a lot of topics in the print on demand and custom merchandising space, from printing techniques, product types, dropshipping, service providers and more.

But which posts were the most popular this year? What topics were people searching for? Not only can we see what we should cover more of, but maybe you can use these as a tip in 2020 for what’s trending in the custom merch world. Here are the top 5 articles of the year.

5. How to sell shirts and make money with Teespring

How to sell with Teespring

Teespring seems to have really made a comeback in 2019 in the custom merchandise space, after almost going the way of Cafepress as sort of a generic POD brand. With new leadership, a new vision and a partnership with Youtube’s “merch shelf” program, Teespring has been the comeback champion of custom merch. It will be interesting to see if they can keep this up as Youtube expands their merch shelf providers.

4. Proactive versus Reactive Selling: Learn the Difference

Proactive Selling vs Reactive Selling

It looks like a lot of you were educating yourself on sales tactics and becoming better at understanding how to sell merch without being too aggressive, pushy or selling out. In Influencer world one of the main concerns is “selling out” or selling a product you don’t believe in. So learning how to use data to talk to the right people at the right times has been a real secret to many successes online and offline. Learn more here.

3. TeeSpring vs Teepublic, Battle of the TEES!

Teespring vs Teepublic

Here’s Teespring again, but this time battling it out against Teepublic. Even though there seem to be many happy Teespring customers, it seems many are looking to move to other services like Teepublic or Spreadshop and want to know how the services compare. In the the end though who do you think the final winner is here? Find out!

2. How does fair trade work? The pros and cons of fair trade

Fair Trade Merchandise

It’s no surprise that in our modern world the topic of sustainability, organic and fair trade are big topics. “Fair Trade” isn’t just a sticker placed on products, it’s a much deeper topic. Many creators and influencers want to be sure their products are produced safely, with fair pay, and not environmentally destructive. Learn more about this topic here.

1. 10 of the Best YouTuber Merch Shops and what you can learn from them

Top Youtuber Merch

In 2019 Youtubers are still the kings and queens of content. With their recent changes in ad revenue policies, this sent creators looking for more stable streams of revenue, which always leads back to our trusty key topic of merch! A similar thing happened to Bloggers in the early 00’s when Google Adsense changed it’s setup and many “pro bloggers” lost income and had to move on to fan merchandise as their steady. Here we take a look at top Youtubers and how they’re using custom merchandise to power their brands.

What custom merch topics are you wanting to learn more about in 2020?

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