October 3, 2023

The Best Ways You Can Optimize Instagram for E-commerce

Okay, so you’ve done most of the hard work and developed an e-commerce site that’s ready to roll out to market. Great. But there’s a problem:

How do you let people know that it exist?

In a word: Instagram.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world and has an exceptionally high level of engagement. Around 60 percent of Instagram users find new products through the platform, precisely because of its inherently visual format. Already, 25 million businesses use it, and the number rises every day.

So how do you better organize your Instagram feeds to promote your online shop? Check out these tips!

Tip #1: Create Shoppable Posts

A couple of years back, the developers behind Instagram realized that they were missing a trick. Every year, the average US consumer spends around $5,400 on impulse purchases, and so tapping into that market would be an incredible source of revenue for firms using its platform.

It decided that it would be great if companies could include links to buy their products on their newsfeeds, and that’s precisely what it did. All customers have to do is click a shoppable product they see in a post, and they’ll be forwarded to a check-out screen where they can buy it. It’s an incredible way to tap into the desire of customers to have the product right now, and its something you can add to your feed immediately.

Tip #2: Use Your Bio To Tell Customers Why They Should Follow You

There are thousands of e-commerce stores already on Instagram, so if you want to create a following, you have to give customers great reasons to follow you.

Besides including the basics, like who you are, what you sell, and how to get in touch with you, your bio should also include calls-to-action to encourage customers to develop their relationship with you further. Of course, any Insta bio you create must come adorned with plenty of high-quality photographs of your products and services.

Tip #3:  Use Instagram Stories To Create Urgent Ephemeral Content

When a customer happens to stumble upon your Instagram feed, the last thing you want is for them to brush off your advertising and say to themselves, “I’ll check this out later.” The chances are that they won’t.

Instagram stories, however, is a tool that you can use to drive higher engagement with your audience by creating a sense of urgency.

It works like this:

You create a story on your feed about a particular topic related to your e-commerce store. If the story is time-limited, then a red box will appear around the outside of it, telling users that they need to consume it now or it will disappear forever. When the user clicks the story, they can find out more information about your products and get forwarded to options allowing them to make a purchase.

The downside, though, is that if you want to use this feature, you’ll need to collect at least 10K followers. However, if you do manage to grow your account to that size, you’ll be able to show off new products and get people to act on impulse to buy your products.

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