November 28, 2023

The Most Surprising Merch Trend of 2019

Tote Bags have been a top selling merchandise item in 2019

Whether it’s tucking away gear for a quick trip, or picking up your groceries at Aldi, custom eco-friendly tote bags have become the runaway top merch trend in 2019.

You often hear the phrase that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But if the truth be told, a handbag is really every female’s best friend. After all, we take our handbag with us everywhere we go. It is responsible for carrying all of our important things inside. From our purse to our lipstick and from our perfume to our mobile phone; the bag holds the key to our lives. Thus, when you are buying a bag this is something you need to give a lot of consideration too. And this article will reveal why eco friendly handbags are a recommended option.

When buying an everyday handbag there are lots of different factors you need to bear in mind in order to ensure you end up with the perfect accessory for you. You need to consider price so you can guarantee you can comfortably afford the bag. You need to take quality into account because you want your bag to last you for a long time.

You need to consider size and compartments in order to ensure you can fit everything inside. And, you also need to consider the style of the bag too. After all, nobody wants to carry around an ugly handbag, do they? Aside from all of these obvious points, why not consider being eco-friendly with your choice too?

Ethical and stylish: Eco friendly handbags lead the way

Eco friendly tote bags have lead the way in custom merchandise in 2019

You can consider all of the points mentioned and you can find the perfect handbag for you, yet you can also make sure that this bag is eco friendly. A lot of people do not realize the fact that there are lots of different eco friendly handbags available on the internet for purchase nowadays.

Why not take advantage of this? The only difference between these bags and standard bags are the fact that the manufacturing process is a lot greener and thus damage to the environment is minimized as much as possible.

This is obviously highly important. There have been increased news reports, adverts, and education given to people regarding the need to be environmentally friendly in everything they do. The worry about our planet and the harm we are causing is increasing by the day. Thus, we need to do our part to ensure we look after the environment. And what better way for women to do so then via eco friendly handbags?

Many people do not acknowledge the benefits of eco friendly handbags because they do not realize how bad the current process of making handbags is. They don’t know the figures about the monumental levels of pollution. Well thankfully this article will provide you with the information you need. Just considering the dying process alone is scary.

All these beautiful prints and patterns are achieved via a colossal amount of carcinogenic and toxic chemicals. These of course also add to land, water, and air pollution. In fact, not only are the dyes used filled with harmful chemicals, but so too is the material. And then you have to think about all of the excess textiles that are dumped too.

Furthermore, aside from the components you also have to consider the fact that the factories responsible for creating these handbags generate a substantial amount of CO2 and thus are accountable for adding to the issue of global warming. As you can tell; it’s never-ending and the damage caused is extremely worrying.

But, you don’t have to be a part of this damage; instead you can help the environment and purchase eco friendly handbags. Companies responsible for these bags do their utmost to ensure their manufacturing processes are as green as they can. They avoid the use of harmful dyes, they recycle excess textiles rather than dumping them, and they minimise their pollution as much as feasibly possible. Yet, they still provide stunning and high quality handbags.

All things considered, your handbag may be your best friend but you need to make sure it is friendly to the rest of the world too. Why purchase a handbag that’s damaging to the environment when you could purchase eco friendly handbags? The only difference is the manufacturing process and the components used. You can still find beautiful, stylish, high quality, and practical designs.

Discover the top trends in eco friendly tote bags for 2019

Eco friendly tote bags have soared to the height of fashion over the past few months. They are the ideal accessories for the spring and summer period ahead. They can add tons of personality to a pair of denim shorts and a white t-shirt; alternatively they can bring a plain dress to life. The possibilities are endless. And it’s great to see that people are embracing eco friendly fashion. After all, it is imperative to get behind the companies who promote green manufacturing practices, rather than give our money to those businesses who are actually operating in a way that is detrimental to the planet. 

Nevertheless, whilst eco friendly tote bags are extremely fashionable, it can still be very difficult when it comes to deciding what bag to buy. After all, there is a huge selection of tote bags available today. You need to decide on what colour bag to go for, what size, whether to incorporate any patterns, what material it is made from, what compartments the bag includes, and so on and so forth. This article aims to give you a helping hand with this by revealing the best environmentally friendly tote bag trends for spring / summer 2019. If you are opt for one of these styles then you are assured to generate major bag envy amongst all of your friends and family. 

Oversized eco friendly tote bags

When it comes to bags it is definitely a case of the bigger the better. Oversized tote bags look fantastic. They can become the statement piece of any outfit you are wearing and thus they will instantly capture the attention of anyone who passes by. Moreover, an oversized tote is perfect for emulating a laid back summer look. All you need to do is put on a summer dress, a pair of sandals, oversized sunglasses, and complete the look with your oversize tote for a fantastic result. Furthermore, not only does this trend look amazing, but it is extremely practical too. After all, women are well known for carrying “everything but the kitchen sink” in their handbags. Thus, you can rest assured you will be able to fit everything you need inside. 

Environmentally friendly art tote bags

One trend that has recently showed its face on the fashion scene is that of art bags. These are tote bags that feature a design created by an artist imprinted on the front. There obviously look fantastic because fashion gets to be combined with the inspirational and creative world of art. No other bag offers so much scope for creativity as this type does. Not only are you assured of a stunning bag, but art bags are extremely expressive and offer a great method of showcasing your personality.

After all, the bag will feature paintings that have been created based on raw emotion, life experiences, and the artist’s unique in interpretation on the subject topic. No other fashion item offers this type of expression. If you want a bag that is different from the norm then this is definitely it. Furthermore, considering the spring and summer months ahead, you can get some fantastic nature based and pastel artistic designs.

Floral eco friendly totes

And least but not least, another fantastic trend in eco friendly tote bags for spring / summer 2019 are floral patterns. This is trend you can actually incorporate with the previous style via looking for floral art tote bags. Nevertheless, no matter what option you go for, you cannot deny the fact that this is the ideal pattern for the months ahead. After all, nothing says spring or summer better than vivid and colorful flowers. And the great thing about floral is that it is highly versatile.

You will be able to find an array of different floral patterns and thus you need not worry about having the same tote bag as anybody else. Nobody likes to be a clone in the world of fashion!

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