November 28, 2023

The Very Best Merch Items That You Can Offer

It isn’t unusual for entrepreneurs and creators to shy away from a data-driven approach to selling merch and instead sell items that they simply believe will sell well whilst making the most money. Usually, this means selling an abundance of t-shirts and not much else. Occasionally you may experience success by doing this, but only selling a few cliché merch items like the aforementioned t-shirts could be hindering your performance. Doing your research and selling the right items could seriously boost your revenue and even positively impact your marketing.

If you want to make more money, you could sell less expensive but more profitable items and this will give you more potential. For example, t-shirts may cost the buyer a reasonable amount of money, but the profit margin is usually lower for you. You’ll be able to add a fresh addition to your revenue stream and perhaps even find better ways of marketing your business when you introduce smaller, smarter items.

The top 10 merchandise items

The top 10 merchandise items are listed below for you to use as inspiration, so take a look and see if there’s something you could add to your shop.

Sell Custom Magnets

1. Magnets

Magnets are one of the top merch items and could potentially help you to sell more, whether you’re at an industry event, a gig, or some kind of craft show. If you create branded magnets, this could give your customers and target audience an effective reminder that you exist each time they pass the fridge. 

Sell Custom Tote Bags

2. Tote Bags

Tote bags could potentially be the best Youtuber merch. Imagine one of your loyal followers walking around with a tote bag that advertises your personal brand and channel? Tote bags are extremely useful for things like shopping and transporting schoolwork, so people who buy them will no doubt get a lot of use out of them. With a useful item like a tote bag in your shop, it’ll be easy for your fans and followers to justify buying one. 

Make Custom Guitar Picks

3. Guitar Picks

Guitar picks could be a useful merch item if you suspect that lots of your fans/followers play the guitar or simply want something cool to remember you by. There’s no denying the cool factor of guitar pics, and they can even be sentimental items that are kept inside of a purse or wallet. They could be a great item to have in your shop when a fan or follower just wants something small and affordable from you. 

Print Custom Hoodies

4. Hoodies

Hoodies are really useful – great for travel or just throwing on over an outfit when the weather cools down. They can be oversized and cosy or tight fitting and flattering, and both men and women can wear them. This could be a good piece of merch to have during the cooler months, but make no mistake; people love to wear hoodies year round! 

Order Embroidered Beanies

5. Embroidered Beanies

Beanie hats are another great bit of merch for the cooler months. Your fans and followers could potentially keep their heads warm while showing off your brand, band, or whatever else you’re trying to promote. 

Custom Messenger Bags

6. Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are slightly more durable than tote bags, and are a bag that tends to stand the test of time. If you feel that your followers might want a stylish messenger bag complete with your branding, it could be a great item to add to your online shop or stand. 

Tank Tops

7. Tank Tops

Tank tops are really easy to wear, making them one of the top merch items out there. Perhaps better for the warmer months, they can make a great piece of clothing for both men and women. It could be a good idea to introduce these during summer to see if they are a success. 

Custom Keychains

8. Acrylic Keychain

Acrylic keychains are fun to use, and some people even like to collect them. This could make them a very smart addition to your shop, as the profit margins for them will no doubt be higher.

Custom Sticker Printing

9. Full Color Stickers

Stickers can be put anywhere: on laptops, guitar cases, bags, doors, etc. Creating full color stickers complete with your branding may not only boost your revenue, but your marketing efforts too. People will see these stickers when your fans and following use them, and they could become more interested in working with you and seeing what you’re all about. Stickers are super cheap to buy, too, so your profit margins could be sky high. This could be something that helps ramp up your bottom line substantially! 

Top Merch Items to Sell

10. Trucker Hats 

Trucker hats are one of the top merch items because they look stylish and can be worn at any time of year! Another great addition to a shop for men and women, so you don’t need to worry about not having something for everyone.

Tips For Adding More Items To Your Shop And Increasing Revenue 

Thinking of adding one of the above items to your shop to increase revenue? Make sure you pay attention to the tips below first.

  • Identify the highest profit margins with the most demand, e.g. stickers and posters. This will of course vary depending on the cost to you and how you plan to price them up and distribute them. 
  • Validate demand before you make a significant investment – order a small amount of units so you can be sure you’ll make a profit. Don’t bulk buy without being sure! 
  • Ask your fans or followers directly about the merch they’d like to see – they are the best group of people to give you an idea of what you should be selling. 
  • Consider other benefits of merch that you introduce – e.g. stickers can make amazing promotional items, as already mentioned. 
  • Track your sales data so you can see what is working for you in the long run – don’t just leave it to chance! Pay attention to what is selling and what isn’t so you know what to stock up on and what to give up. You might be surprised when you look at your data. 

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