November 28, 2023

Top 5 Products to Start With for Youtubers

As a YouTuber, it’d be fair to say that merch matters to your brand. In fact, in a career of irregular advertising jobs and sponsorships, the merchandise you sell could be the one regular income stream you have. At the very least, delving into this revenue stream can turn you from creator into entrepreneur overnight.

As if that weren’t enough, producing and selling a merch line can also help you to bond with your fans. You may also come to find that your merch, more than the advertising jobs you do, helps your subscribers feel like you’re doing something for them.

So, we’re agreed, right? Merch matters. That said, going all out with the merchandise you offer too soon could sink you. That’s because this is a money-making method that usually involves spending to earn. If you blow your entire budget on merch which no one wants, then, you’ll soon land in hot water. No matter how cool they might seem, you should avoid pricey options like these customized headsets until you have a little more profit to play with. In these early days, remember less is most definitely more.

We also suggest starting out with a free Spreadshop first, which is not only easy to setup, but also used by a ton of top Youtubers and creators. Test what works first before biting off more than you can chew.

What types of merch sell the best?

For now, your best bet is to start with practical merch items which you can bet that every one of your subscribers’ needs. To give you some idea of what these are, we’re going to look at the top five products which you can start your merch store with and still stand to see decent returns fast.


Never underestimate the power of a custom tote bag. We all have a real soft spot for these. And, with more countries now applying plastic bag charges, you can bet that this is something your subscribers are going to get pretty good use out of. Perhaps the best thing of all is that tote bags like these are typically lightweight cotton options which will cost very little when you buy them in bulk. When you consider that you can probably get away for selling these for over $5 a piece, that’s a significant merchandise return in no time


Most of us can’t get enough of stationary, either, so your merch store could also benefit from this addition. Whether you invest in branded pens or notepads, you again stand to see a quick and substantial return on these. There’s a good reason why pens are one of the top merch options of all time. They’re cheap, useful, and sure to satisfy. Pair these with a custom notepad design, and you can bet you’ll be onto a winner.


If you think that mugs are boring, then think again. Most of us reach into that mug cupboard first thing when we wake up. And, if your branded merch mug is the first thing someone sees each day, you get bet you’ll get into their psyche pretty good. If guests end up getting your mug to drink from, you could even soon turn into a conversation piece which leads to another new subscriber. Before turning your nose up at the option of mugs as merch, then, think long and hard about what they could do for you.

Cell phone covers

People are now on their phones pretty much continually through the day. Sadly, your starting merch budget might not quite stretch to your very own cell phone. But, you can still make the most of this by getting some cell phone covers printed. This is fantastic as, again, it ensures that the buyer thinks about you every time they reach for your phone. If they’re also using their cell in public places, a well-done brand design might catch the eye and attention of passers-by. Pair these with your YouTube channel and twitter handle, and you watch how far it takes you.


Clothing is probably the most expensive merch option on this list if you’re going with a screenprinter or fulfilling orders on your own. It can still work out at minimal cost to you if you buy in bulk. Even better, you can sell a merch hoodie for upwards of $40. If you pay that bit extra, then, these offer the best mark-up of all. As if that weren’t enough, your subscribers are liable to wear these out and about, advertising your brand for everyone to see whenever they do. Again, add your details on your designs somewhere to feel the full benefits.

Again if you don’t want to bother with the shipping or up front print costs, then use a free Spreadshop to be on the safe side.

As you can see, there’s nothing basic about these basic options. Start with these merch products, and you can bet that you’ll see the benefits in no time at all.

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