October 3, 2023

Top selling tips for the holidays from TeeSpring

Teespring is sharing some of their customer’s top selling tips for the holidays. Plus key strategies for the 2019 season. Here are just some of the highlights.

Choosing great holiday designs

Designs that make shoppers think ‘this was created for me’ are the most effective. So whether your design theme is inspired by laser focused ad targeting or an inside joke only your community knows…the more precise the better!

Using existing design themes is a big theme. If you already have a big seller on your hands, try adjusting that design theme for the holidays. Here is an example of you might take a popular Dachshund themed design for the holidays.

Top selling tips for the holidays
Example from Teespring.com

Find new design themes

When it comes to new niches, look at trending holiday designs in global marketplaces and on socials. Consider if any of your exisiting designs can be adapted for your audience or you can create a similar design that fits your audience. Checks out to Merch Informer and Facebook ad targeting options to look for even better niche ideas.  

Create new designs

Teespring also suggests creating brand new designs if you can. They list a host of tools including Placeit, Typorama, Canva and Creative Fabrica. (many are free!) you can use to come up with new and improved ideas.

Here at Sell Merch we’re big fans of Placeit.net which even have full design templates you can customize. We’ve seen brands utilize placeit from everything from their actual merch designs to all of their social media and video promotions. Pretty cool!

Other holiday selling tips covered include:

  • Promoting your products
  • Advertising
  • Organic Promotion

When it comes to ad images Alison uses customer selfies from previous years (ex. people wearing her products at their Christmas party or with their Christmas tree in the background). She says customer selfies are some of the best ad images to use. Note this could also work very well when sharing listings on social media organically. 

We’ve recently discussed here in the blog about the importance of planning your holiday promotions well ahead of time. Read the full article here.

Holiday selling tips made easy

Do you have any top selling tips for the holidays? Please share them with us!

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