June 3, 2023

UV-Printing: What is it and how can you use it?

Do you need printed marketing materials for your business? Or, does your model involve the creation of company documents?

Either way, you will need to invest in a printing service. This will require you selecting a particular printing method. You might not be aware that there are actually several different printing methods available to you including 3D printing and screen printing.

Today, we’re going to explore the UV printing option. Is this the right choice for you?

UV Printing Explained

This is a commercial printing option ideal for businesses that need high quality printed designs. Printing technology is constantly evolving and this process uses the latest ultraviolet curing technology. For this reason, it may also be referred to as ultraviolet printing.

The printing press used includes the latest UV light tech available on the market. With this option, the selected inks dry rapidly when exposed to UV light.

The paper passes through the printer and wet ink is applied. This ink is then immediately exposed to direct UV light. Since it dries instantly, there is no issue with the ink spreading or seeping. What you ultimately end up with is high-quality prints that look fantastic. It’s ideal if you’re printing documents on pages that require a high level of detail such as marketing materials.

What’s The Difference Between UV And Convention Printing?

UV and conventional printing are two fundamentally different processes. 

Conventional printing involves the use of inks and solvents. The printer applies inks to a material and then the solvents in them (often dangerous VOCs) evaporate into the air, leaving the print as a result. 

UV printing, on the other hand, uses inks that dry via a photomechanical process. The printer fires high-energy UV light at the ink as it hits the material, drying it almost instantly. UV printers, therefore, can make do with less ink. 

Benefits Of UV Printing

There are a number of benefits to UV printing that make it a great option for business owners. Take a look at the following:

  • It’s more efficient than regular printing methods
  • It saves time, especially if you have a lot of prints to make
  • It helps you serve your clients faster (in businesses where customers wait for documents)
  • Immediately fold or bind materials
  • Improve turnaround times and offer that as a USP
  • Cut down on the time that you spend preparing materials for printing
  • UV printing is more resistant to scratches and scuffs. Therefore, if you need printed materials to handle or transport printed items, UV is the better option.
  • UV printed materials are sharper and more vibrant than their conventionally-printed counterparts. This means that if you are trying to impress people or perhaps want to create a certain aesthetic, this is the perfect printing option. The ink dries more rapidly, preserving the colour intensity. 
  • You don’t have to wait for things to dry before removing them from the printer. UV prints come off the printer and are ready to go. With a crisp finish, your materials are going to look professional and luxurious. One of the tell-tale signs of cheap printing is when the ink spreads. This isn’t an issue with UV printing and is guaranteed to dazzle clients or customers.

So, you’ll definitely be delighted with the impact this can have on your business.

Use UV Printing For A Competitive Edge

A printing option like this can even provide you with a competitive edge. Shockingly, few companies actually use UV lighting in their business model. As such, if you are keen to stand out and provide a USP, this could be a great choice.

UV Printing Is A Highly Flexible Printing Method

This is also a highly flexible option. While you can use this printing process on paper, it is also a possibility for non-paper substrates. As such, it’s useful if you are printing menus for restaurants, tourist brochures or a wide range of moisture-resistant applications. If you are creating products that are going to be used outside, you should definitely consider UV printing as a possibility.

UV Printing Can Cut Your Carbon Footprint

Are you keen to make sure that you are reducing your carbon footprint? If so, then UV printing could be the ideal option for you. This is certainly more beneficial to the environment due to the fact that UV-cured inks are not the same as typical inks. These are non-solvent based and due to this, they do not harm the environment when evaporating into the air.

Environmentally conscious businesses are becoming incredibly important to customers. With UV printing, you can show that your business is taking the welfare of the environment seriously. At the same time, you will be able to produce high-quality materials that look incredible and keep any message clear.

UV Printing Offers Incredible Print Consistency

One final benefit that is worth mentioning is the level of consistency that UV printing provides. With typical printing options, it’s common for quality to change even between two different materials produced seconds apart. With UV printing, everything that you create will be picture perfect.

As you can see, UV printings provide a range of advantages that more basic printing options cannot deliver. More efficient, green friendly and delivering a high-quality output that will make your business materials look fantastic, UV printing is a brilliant choice for the modern company.

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